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Ann's Bean Bags

Warranty Program

Ann'd Bean Bags Lifetime Warranty


Lifetime Materials & Manufacturing Warranty

Ann's Bean Bags are covered under our lifetime materials warranty against product defects and workmanship when used under normal indoor and outdoor conditions. Materials covered under the Materials & Manufacturing Warranty include stitching, zipper, and handles.

5 Year Marine Vinyl Warranty

The Ann's Bean Bags marine vinyl is backed by a 5 year warranty. This covers normal wear and vinyl defects under normal indoor and outdoor conditions.  5 Year Marine Vinyl Warranty includes fading, cracking, separating, and abrasion when product is used properly under normal indoor and outdoor conditions.

Lifetime Accidental Damage Warranty

Ann's Bean Bags are covered under our Accidental Damage Warranty when used under normal indoor and outdoor conditions and when accident is deemed unavoidable. The Lifetime Accidental Damage Warranty covers tears, rips, and punctures. Ann's Bean Bags will repair or replace all Ann's bean bag products when used under these conditions for the life of the product. The Accidental Damage Warranty does not cover shipping cost to and from our facility.

Abuse of any of the above mentioned warranties will void all warranties for the life of the product.

Ann's Bean Bags Warranty Does Not Include:
  • Avoidable abrasions, defects, or any other abusive action other than a failure of a component covered under the above mentioned warranties.
  • Mold or mildew cause by improper storage. (This includes but is not limited to stacking or storing bean bags in wet or damp conditions).
  • Abuse of any of the above listed Ann's Bean Bags warranties. (This includes intentional abuse).
  • Negligent use of the product by the owner or authorized Ann's Bean Bags Authorized dealer.
  • Replacement of Ann's Bean Bags premium filler unless containment was unavoidable.
  • Replacement of Ann's Bean Bags premium filler for re-boosting bean bag.
  • Replacement of product when repair is possible.
  • Damaged products due to improper opening of packaging material.

Ann's Bean Bags will repair, or attempt to repair, any products that are damaged by improper opening or products that are not covered under any of the above mentioned Ocean-Tamer warranties at the lowest possible cost to the owner.


Product Return Policy

If you experience a problem with one of our Ann's Bean Bags contact us before returning the damaged product to obtain a return authorization code. You will be given specific instructions at the time of return authorization as to the proper way to return your Ann's Bean Bag product. All returned products must be authorized by Ann's Bean Bags before the product will be accepted. You must provide proof of purchase from an authorized Ann's Bean Bags dealer or from our Ann's Bean Bags online store before an authorization code will be given to you.
Purchaser and product owner is liable for all shipping cost required in sending products back to Ann's Bean Bags. Ann's Bean Bags will pay the return shipping cost of unfilled products back to the original owner only if the product is covered under the Ann's Bean Bags warranty requirements listed above. Ann's Bean Bags will only warranty products when purchased through or through an Ann's Bean Bags authorized dealer. Original receipt is required for warranty to be valid. Ann's Bean Bags reserves the right to inspect returned products for abuse and refuse repair or replacement of those products.